Monday, September 14

FNO Shots: What We Saw...

What We Saw...

Some of my shots from the night; I'm afraid they're not the best, as I was minus flashgun...explains the blur. My fellow blogger L of LolitaLoves and local fashionista A took to Bond Street on thursday night for Vogue's Fashion's Night Out, clocking up Topshop, Armani, Burberry, YSL, Chanel, MaxMara and Longchamp. Top spot of the evening had t be watching poseur-extraordinaire Laura Bailey in sequins and ruffs and a smouldering Daisy Lowe teasing the camera upstairs in the Chanel tights a gogo!

W1 was teeming with well-heeled fashion queens...the late-night delivery men had their eyes out on stalks!... Whereas I was sporting a more bedraggled "dragged through the central line + luggage backwards' look, much more 'pap' than 'poseur'.


Window display at Armani on Bond Street


Burberry post pap-frenzy


Lovely L at Armani


Shoppers at Jimmy Choo




Louis Vuitton's resident model worked the window like a pro


A Vogue touch at Smythson






Daisy and Kate Phelan at Chanel

Our tired feet sought solace and that resting place was Nobu in Berkely Square with 3 more well-heeled friends. Whether it was a result of mixing my pimms and champagne, or from sitting at the top table in my cut-offs, I couldn't resist the temptation to take this opportunity to pull faces at Callum Best. God, you can't take me anywhere.



Natalie said...

Looks like you had so much fun during fashion's night out! lovely pics :)


Dylana said...

Amazing shots! Looks like an awesome night!

Audrey Leighton said...

love it love it love it.
wish i had been in london for the night,
looks incredibly fab!


Vanessa Baptista said...

beautiful shots :) The burberry store looks amazing at night.
Definitely will be following your blog...come check me out too!


cody said...

wish i had been in london for that night...<3

xx cody

Mila said...

oh oh oh oh oh so many stunning photos...woooow.and you look so pretty <3

little shadow said...

I think you are utterly fabulous in every single way.
Fantastic blog x

Elizabeth Victoria C said...

looks like SUCH a fun night, really wishing toronto had done something similar. daisy is gorgeous, her legs look bombshell perfect xx

Claire said...

i loved london FNO! had to switch to flats half way through but it was amazing! love your blog :) <3 C

young-shields said...

Looks so fun i can't believe I missed the whole thing!! I'm such a numpt. I love your blog miss! claire x

Talisa said...

Amazing!! I love London soo much!

Anonymous said...

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